Succot Memes by Sheena

In celebration of the upcoming Jewish holiday, I thought the world was in need of some Sukkot theme memes, which is your favorite?

sukkot meme hit succahmeme sukkot decorations success

lulav succot sukkah

sukkah succot meme

drunk baby sukkot meme ushpizin

meme succah sukkot

meme succot

meme jewish girlfriend sukkot lulav etrog

Make your own on Meme Generator and share it in the comments!

And, I’ll leave you with some gifs to complete this post:

How you feel during the last meal of a 3-day Yom Tov

gif jewish meals full holiday

And for next week! Me dancing by myself in the womens section on Simchat Torah

gif dancing

Chag Sameach!